Essential Beauty Items for Simple Living

The minimalist simple beauty routine is pared back to the bare essentials that pack a lot of punch with minimal effort. You do not need a bunch of tools or products to get ready in the morning.

You just need the right products and tools!


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A Great Flat Iron

the best hair straightner, HSI straightner

A great hair straightener is an essential in any morning routine. Hair straighteners can do so many things for you. You can straighten your hair, tame flyaways, and even create gorgeous curls. Finding a straightener that is both quality and creates a sleek style can be tricky. My personal favorite is     this one by HSI.

Straightener Suggestions:

Facial Cleansing Brush

facial scrub brush

This Beliosa facial cleansing brush is awesome. I have been looking for a facial cleansing brush after trying out the Luna Play. 

A cleansing brush can really make a quick job of not only cleaning your face, but it is great at gentle exfoliation a well. No matter what type of facial brush you pick they are an essential part of any beauty routine.

Face Brush Suggestions:


The Right Face Moisturizer

Besides mascara the most important thing in my beauty routine is my facial moisturizer.  Whether you have dry, normal, or greasy skin a good moisturizer is essential. It will help with making your skin more radiant, and less sallow. If you have oily skin it is super important to moisturize since it will prevent your oily skin from trying to produce extra oil.

Moisturizer suggestions:

The Perfect Mascara

A good mascara can make or break your look for the day. I spend a lot of days not wearing any makeup, but mascara I can never go without mascara. It can go such a long way in opening up your eyes, and making you look more awake.

Mascara Suggestions:

Natural Cover Up

A natural cover up for your face can hide imperfections, unevenness, and redness. Stick to something natural and light like Ia good CC/BB cream, or tinted moisturizer. A lighter cover up will be faster to apply, more natural looking, and will still let your skin breathe. Also most lightwight foundations and BB creams will also include SPF so you can skip a step and product in your routine.

Cover-up suggestions:

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