Minimalist Gift Guide – The Clutter Free Guide to Gifts

Ah Christmas it is that magical, festive time a year where everyone feels jolly ( just like Saint Nick). It is also a time of giving, and receiving. However it can be a tricky and challenging time for minimalist.

This list is small, but mighty and filled with items any minimalist ( or really anyone) will love!!!

*this post contains affiliate links, which this means is that if you purchase an item through a link on this page I will get a small commission without any extra cost to you. THANK YOU*

The gift of Less Tech

Yes you can give a gift that is both practical, and can help streamline someones life and belongings.


A Kindle is a great minimalist gift to give. Not only is it a great and easy way to read, but it can save so much space!!! 

The Kindle Paper white version below is hands down my favorite. It is so easy on the eyes, and the back light is hands down one of the best things.

(Not having to use a separate book light is life changing)

 Amazon Fire TV

I do love my Amazon Fire TV.  Helping someone cut down on their electronic clutter is a great gift. 

The Fire TV can do so many things including

  • Stream tv through services like Hulu, Netflix, and Sling TV
  • play music straight through Amazon without lifting a finger
  • Control smart home items using your voice such as a Nest Thermostat, Ring Doorbell, and controlling smart lights


An Audible subscription is also one of the best things you can get a minimalist. Access to 1,000’s of books that take up no space, can be “read” anywhere, and lets you read while doing more than one thing is awesome.

( I promise this list is not sponsored by Amazon, I just really love their products)

Gift Cards

A gift card to a place that sell a bunch of different things is always a good option. Even though a gift card can seem like a throwaway, and generic gift they are actually perfect for minimalist. Gift cards do not create clutter, and let the recipient pick out something they need, and have use for.

The Practical Recurring Gift

A subscription box gift can be the perfect thing for the minimalist in your life, and their are so many practical subscription services that are useful, and do not create clutter.

Love With Food

Love With Food - Snack Smart. Do Good.

I love a good snack subscription, and Love with Food is one of the best. What I love about food subscriptions is that they are easy to use up, and a healthy way to change up your snacking game!


minimalist christmas gift ideas. The best gift ideas for clutter free gift giving.

Ok hear me out on this one, because I know that it can seem like a waste to get a bunch of sample in the mail every month that you may not use. The beauty of Birchbox though is that the Samples Are Tailored To You, which mean less waste. Also because Birchbox is a try-it before you buy it type service you get sizes of products that can usually be used up within the current month. I have been getting a Birchbox in the mail for over 3 years nor, and I find a use for almost everything I receive.

The Gift of Travel/Experiences

Most people who do not put an emphasis on “stuff” do however put an emphasis on experiences. One of the best ways to show a minimalist you care about their lives is to avoid giving clutter and to give them an experience instead of a physical item.

A Crafty Class


I love Crafty! Craftsy is a one stop shop for learning different crafts such as crochet, knitting, sewing, lettering, and even baking. You can purchase you recipient a class, or buy them a gift card so they can get a handmaking kit, or supplies. Craftsy has something for everyone even if they do not think they are crafty. (You can even find a whole section with cooking classes)

 Scratch off World Travel Map

Isn’t this Watercolor Scratch Off the World Travel Map one of the coolest things ever? It is my favorite item from this list!

If your recipient loves to travel this is the perfect gift to help them track their memories, and show off their worldly journeys.


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