How to clean up, when you don’t know where to start

Nothing is worse then knowing you need to start cleaning up a room/area, and it being so messy that you just don’t know where to start. With some planning and the right system any messy area can be cleaned up without a bunch of stress, and overwhelm. Once you learn, and master this method and really know how to clean up you will feel confident and stress free when faced with a messy space.

how to clean up a messy space

Break up the space in layers to avoid overwhelm                        ( and help to guide your cleaning)

Breaking your space up into layers or steps if you prefer will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and keep you from trying to do everything at once.

The best part of this method is you only have to worry about doing one thing at a time.

Ah yes sweet Simplicity!

Layer 1: Decluttering

The first step is essential, and by far the easiest to accomplish ( it will also give you the most immediate results as well). Before you begin to clean a space you need to declutter it.

Start by throwing away all trash in the area. Along with actual the trash anything you no longer need, want, or is broken also needs to be tossed. Be ruthless with this step and make sure you miss nothing. Every thing you throw away now is one less thing to manage during later layers/steps.  Once you get these things thrown the space will seem a lot less cluttered, and look more manageable.

Layer 2: Putting Away

Next up it’s time to deal with those items that you need/want to keep, but do not belong in the space that you are trying to clean up.

So gather all of those items, and put them back in the space that they belong in. Now just don’t put them in that space, but try to put them in the right space ( the items home if you will). Sometimes you may need to put an item in an area you haven’t started cleaning up yet, and that is ok. Just put the item in it’s area, and you can deal with it when you go trough these steps in that space as well…

Layer 3: Clearing Out

now that you have all the trash thrown away and all items belong somewhere else the mess should look a lot better. However you still have three more layers to complete, and the next one is essential for letting you start to clean up ( the actual cleaning) in layer 4 so it needs to be done right.Now that you know it is important you need to execute it throughly.

For this layer what you need to do is find all the items that belong in the space that you are trying to clean that are out of place. Look for things like a cup on a counter and not in a cupboard, shoes on the floor, piles of paper on a table. Take all those items and put them together right outside of the room/ space you are cleaning up. I like to get an empty laundry basket so that all the items are together, and do not make a mess somewhere else.

Do not be tempted to leave these items in the area you are cleaning, and do move them out of the way so that you can move onto layer 4 ( and get it done thoroughly).

Layer 4: The actual “Cleaning”

Ahhh finally the “actual cleaning” part of how to clean up. Now is the time to do the things you thought you would be doing to clean up a space.  It is time to use that elbow grease. Get some cleaner and a rag/paper towels { you do you here}, and get to work. Take care to wipe down every surface and make sure to dust things along the way as well.

When you start to clean start at the top of a space and work your way down to avoid having to re clean anything.

Always end a cleaning session with sweeping or vacuuming the floor so that you pick up all the dirt, and dust that has landing on the floor after wiping down the surfaces in the area.

Some great extra steps that will take a room from clean to sparkling are

  • clearing cobwebs
  • dusting off ceiling fans
  • wiping baseboards
  • washing walls
  • mopping
  • wiping out cupboards and drawers

and if you need some tips on how to clean check out 

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Layer 5: Organizing, and Finish up

Whew you are now almost done, and all the hard parts are out of the way. This last step will be a quick one.

Remember those items you cleared out of the area in layer 3, and put aside it is time to bring them back in. Take each item that belongs in the space and put it back in it’s rightful home.

Once you master the layers of how to clean up you will be able to do so easily, and get stressed

Really take your time, and make sure everything is as perfect as possible. If you do it right the first time it will stay cleaner longer.


PS. This method is also a great way to clean up and get a room done when unpacking after a move!

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