Ahhh Sundays you either love them or you hate them (I love not working, but also hate knowing it is my last day before the new work week). Sunday’s though can be a great time to reflect, and plan out your time to have a more productive week.

Plan The Week Ahead

The best way to start your week off right is to plan it out. Writing everything down can help you know just how busy the upcoming week is going to be, and can help you plan for it. After all

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” 
― Benjamin Franklin

When you are making your plans make sure to take note and write down your top 5 priorities for the week. This will help to show you what your       non-negotiables for the week are so that you can plan accordingly. Make sure to map out a rough outline of what days you can ( or have to) get these priorities done. By writing them down, and commiting a certain day and week to these task you hold yourself accountable to finishing them.

Be thoughtful with your schedule, and you will get everything done that you need to in the most efficient way.

Tidy UP

Nothing is better then ending one week, and starting the next then doing so in a clean and organized place.

Make every Sunday the day to clean a bit and get those task you cannot get to during the week done.

Some ideas include

  • Washing and changing the bed sheets
  • tidy up the bathrooms
  • make sure all laundry is done
  • Mop floors

By cleaning up you will be starting out the new week with one less things to do. If you need more inspiration on keeping a clean and clutter free home check out 5 Simple Habits for a Clean and Clutter Free Home

5 Simple Habits for a Clean and Clutter Free Home

Meal Plan/ Meal Prep

meal planing and meal prep


Sundays are one of the best times to plan out our meals for the week ahead. This can be as simple as writing down what you will be having/making for just your dinners throughout the week. ( which can be a huge help so you don’t have to think about dinner after a long day). You can also go the extra mile and plan out your breakfast, lunches, and snacks as well.

You can also use Sunday’s to meal prep. Say if you have two meals that you rice you can take time on Sunday and make a big pot to reheat throughout the week. It is also a great idea to prep things like chicken, and roast some veggies to have quick, easy, and healthy lunches throughout the week.

Find Two Things You Can Work On During the Week to Get Closer to Your Goals

Having a productive week comes down to a few things. Getting your priorities accomplished is great, but you also need to plan time to work on your personal goals. True productivity not only lets you have time to go to appointments, and accomplish errands, but also gives you freedom to be able to accomplish your goals.

You do not need to accomplish your goals all at once. By scheduling some time to work on something even if it is just a little can lead to huge accomplishments.

Say your goal is to write a book. You can plan some batches of time throughout the week to write. Say you schedule an hour a day to work on writing. If you can write 1 page an hour, that would equal to 7 pages a week. You can have a good size book almost finished in around a year at that rate.

Accomplishing your dreams in life are important, and scheduling time to work on them is one of the most important things.

Take Some Time For Yourself

productivity tips

This time is well earned after completing all of the above. Taking time to relax and do what you love is important to starting a new week refreshed, and ready to accomplish anything. Especially if you tend to minimize fun you time during your week it is important to use some of your Sunday to recharge. whether you decide to read, go for a walk, play a video game, or even just mindlessly browse social media this time is all yours.

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One thought on “5 Essential Things to do on Sunday to Have a More Productive Week.

  1. I’m always struggling to find the balance between making Sundays productive and also restful- I tend to lean too far to one side alternately! Thanks for the great tips!

    Posted on October 26, 2017 at 12:21 am