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I purchased this online course earlier this year in an attempt to break through a traffic plateau I was experiencing. I could manage to have quick spikes in traffic, but nothing I did made them stick around for the long haul.

So I went searching for a solution, and I found one that exceeded my expectations!

In this Pin Practical Masterclass review, you will find out what I loved about this course and where I think there’s room for improvement so you can make an informed decision about whether or not this Pinterest course is worth the cost for YOU.

Mastering Pinterest can be a tough thing to do, and it can be so frustrating when you just cannot seem to crack the Pinterest code.  I know just like me a lot of you are wondering if it is worth you money… I let you in on a little secret here ( I really think it is).

These were my blogs Pinterest stats for August 2017.

they were nowhere near what I imagined them to be, or needed them to be if I was going to be able to make this blog work.

pin practical masterclass review

I needed to make a change

Nothing I was doing was making a big impact on the number of impression, repins, click throughs, and ultimately page views I was getting.

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So I Went on the Hunt for a Course That Would Work!

And that’s when I found Pin Practical Masterclass.

So What Made Me Choose a New Course With No Reviews?

Yes I know that sounds crazy.

I should have just ran, but what I found instead was proof from Monica that her Pinterest strategy really works!

Just look at the difference a few months made in Monicas own blogRedefiningMom.Com!

pin practical masterclass review

Monica was able to really increase her viewership on Pinterest in just a few short months!!!

She also showed plenty of examples from other people ( READ: BIG BLOGGERS )who have taken her course, and they too learned from it and was able to change their Pinterest game.

It was clear she knew what she was doing!

Pin Practical has helped me triple my Pinterest results!

I went from a measly 768 viewers a day to over 2400!!!

pin practical masterclass

What Is Included Within the Course

Pin Practical Masterclass include 6 modules with each module having several lesson included in them

Below are just a few of my favorite lessons you will learn in this course for a more complete breakdown please visit

Pin Practical Masterclass online here

Module 1:  Pinterest Foundations

  • How to set up your account the correct way
  • how to set up Rich Pins, and how to actually tell if you set up Rich Pins correctly

Module 2: Pinterest Growth

Module 3: Pinterest Friendly Images

  • A Quick Way to test images and get Pin Juice behind pins
  • How to a/b split test images to drive more traffic

Module 4: Pinterest Analytics

  • Quick problem solving using Pinterest, and Google Analytics
  • Quick and Easy snapshot to see how your pins are doing

Module 5: From Pinterest Browser to Email Subscriber

  • Effective strategies for driving Pinterest traffic to your email list
  • 9 unique strategies for turning Pinterest traffic into buyers

Module 6: Expand Your Pinterest Strategy With Ads

  • How to set up low cost Pinterest ads
  • Pinterest ad guidelines

Whew that was only a fraction of what Pin Practical teaches, and it is still a lot.

Did I mention yet that you can get Redefining moms Pinterest Group Board Spreadsheet with over 780+ Group Boards Broken Down By Niche

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How Is This Course Different Then Everything Else Out There

First off I have used a couple of paid Pinterest courses, and books out there before, and noticed that they were all pretty similar and included mostly what I could find on the internet for free.

I have been obsessed with figuring out how to make Pinterest work for my blog, and have thus read everything I could get my hands on, and implemented every strategy that sounded like it may work for my blog…… unfortunately though they rarely ever made a difference.

Pin Practical Masterclass was completely different however. There were so many tips on pin juice, using key words, and building an email list that I did not know before.
Pin Practical also included a section on how to run effective Pinterest ads the right way ( and even though I have not thought about doing them yet. When I want to start ads I now have the knowledge to do so). No other course or book I have taken or read has made sure I was able to run Pinterest ads!
Monica shares her exact strategy for increasing her Pinterest engagement, and turning Pinterest into a list building powerhouse!

My favorite thing about Pin Practical Masterclass however is that is focuses on turning Pinterest traffic into Email subscribers! Building an email list is one of the most important things you can do to increase your blogs reach, growth, and monetization possibilities. This is the only course I have taken that leans heavily on building an email list, and Monica does a great job of explaining how to build that list.

Just look at the stats from the back end of Monica’s email list

pin practical masterclass review

She is currently getting up to 200 people a day on her email list

What I Didn’t Like About the Course

I always want to make sure I am completely honest with you guys so of course I want to share the couple of things I did not like about the course.

Monica states that you get a lot of valuable Bonuses with her course, and a couple of them are available for free

  • I do feel as if a couple of the “Bonuses” she provides with her course are a bit misleading ( at the time of this post) you can find a couple of the bonuses for free online such as the 14 Day free LeadPages trail. I also feel like her promoting the two free months of TailWind Plus as a bit of a misgiving ( you have to be a new member).
  • I do However feel like the rest of the Bonuses are a great add on, and provide really good value. Her Group Board Tracking Spreadsheet was a great inclusion, as well as her Pinterest Funneling Challenge.
  • And lets not forget her amazing Group Board Spreadsheet!

There is a 30 Minute Pinterest Account Review That You Can Purchase, But For the Price of the Course I Feel Like It Should Already be Included for Free

  • This may be a silly thing, but I feel like $197 is a lot of money, and I understand that Pin Practical is a business, but I really wish the Pinterest review was included in the course for free!

Even with these couple of drawbacks I still am a raving fan of Pin Practical masterclass.

I want to emphasize to you that these Pinterest strategies take time to implement and see results from. So while I’m definitely not getting thousands of clicks a day from Pinterest, I have TRIPLED my Pinterest traffic in just a few weeks—so I am 100% confident I’ll be seeing even bigger growth in the coming months thanks to Pin Practical. 

The total amount of time I spent on Pinterest was cut in half as well! It just goes to show you do not need to spend a lot of time if you have a great reliable strategy!

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