Are you insterested in being able to skyrocket your Instagram growth and engagement? Do you ever wonder what the right times to post to your Instagram are? Are you struggling to find engaging hashtags that target you  key demographic perfectly?

Well then Tailwind for Instagram is for you.

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Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

I used to average about 2 new followers a day on Instagram, but since I have started using tailwind that has jumped to 10-15 new subscribers a day!

Triple your followers with Tailwind for Instagram
I have been able to more then triple my subscribers easily while also saving time! (And that is with me still being in the free trial period, imagine what I can do once I upgrade to the Plus plan)

(I have officially decided to end my trial and upgrade to plus for the extra tracking features)

Tailwind for Instagram works the same way it does for Pinterest. You have a few different features which not only help you make better post, but also track your analytics to follow Instagram trends. Which. Of course will help you gain more followers.

Tailwind for Instagram is easy to use and quick.

Scheduling a post for Instagram through Tailwind only takes four simple steps you can do in under two minutes.

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1. Upload Your Photos

Upload you photos in bulk to Tailwind to make sure your Instagram will always look cohesive

The first thing you need to do is upload your photos. You can do this one by one, or upload in bulk. The advantage of uploading in bulk is that you can see how all of your photos work together. Being able to see all of them will either show you if they are cohesive or not.

Keeping a cohesive theme across your Instagram can help you grow quicker. To keep a cohesive theme either stick to the same color scheme, filter, or type of picture.

2. Fill Out the Caption 

Schedule your Instagram account with Tailwind for Instagram, and grow your account.

Your caption is very important, and can make or break your post. Yes Instagram is a visual platform, but to really engage your followers (ones you have now or ones you are trying to get) you need to have a good caption that include a call to action.

Instagrams new algorithm for photos mean that the more like and comments, and the quicker they come means the more people will see it. Instagrams algorithm says that the photos with the most engagement are the one who most people will want to see.
How to create an inspiring caption for your Instagram post that boost engagement

A great caption is a little bit personal, and yet still try’s to help your readers with something. Sometimes on your blog it can be hard to be very personal, and connect with your readers. Instagram is great for growing your personal brand because of this. You can open up a bit, and write about a personal accomplishment, failure, problem, or fact about yourself.

Always end your caption with a good call to action. Some great ways to have a call to action are to either

  • Ask a question
  • Ask for an opinion
  • Ask for an answer to a problem
  • Tell your reader to go to somewhere like your blog, or link in your bio.

These calls of action can help to get your post see by more people. When asking a question, opinion, or for an answer make sure it takes more then a yes or no question. Longer comments will also get you more exposure.

3. Pick Your Hastags

Now comes the most important part of getting more followers the hashtag. Hastags are how you get your content in front of the right audience. Without Hastags Instagram doesn’t know what type of content you are publishing.

Knowing what Hastags to use can be difficult sometimes though. How do you know what Hastags your ideal reader is searching for, or which ones are trending and getting the most engagement. Tailwind makes all this easy.

Tailwind Instagram scheduling
Under where the captions are is an area with your most recently used Hastags. The best thing about this is that tailwind takes all the guess work from using the right Hastags away. They tell you how effective tags are. You can also see if the Hastags are

  • Niche
  • Good
  • Best
  • Competitive

This really takes the guess work out of which tags are best. The tags at the bottom also change depending on the ones you pick, and ones you write in.

As you can see below my recommendations were changing based on the direction of my post.

Tailwind also counts how many Hastags you have used in a post. Since Instagram only allows 30 #’s per post ( and you should always try to use all 30) this number is important. Gone are the days of having to count your Hastags in your post, and hoping you are either under or right at the limit.

Tailwind also lets you save list of hastags so that you can have premade easy to pick from groups. This can really help cut down on your posting time, and let’s you take advantage of those bulk photo uploads from earlier.
Tailwind Instagram scheduling
4. Add to queue

To finish your post all you have to do is hit save to queue, and you post will be automatically scheduled to you smart schedule.

The smart schedule picks out the times that your ideal audience is most likely to be online, and therefore the best times to post.

Tailwind smart schedule
Once it is time to post Tailwind sends you a notification and automatically takes you to Instagram where you can paste your caption, and Hastags, and pick your filter.

tailwind is super easy to use, and has helped grow not just my Instagram and Pinterest, but my blog greatly.

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Grow your followers quickly, and easily with Tailwind for Instagram.


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