Remembering people’s name is one of the best things you can do to make someone feel like you care. It can be so hard at times however. Failing to remember someone’s name is not only embarrassing, but can also damage a new relationship, and sour the other persons thoughts of you. Saying a persons name to them really helps endear you to them.

People tend to remember what is important to them. Not being able to remember someone’s name especially after having heard it multiple times sends a message that you do not care about them. The last thing you want to do to a new relationship is show that you don’t deem the other person important.

Remembering names



The good thing though is that there are some simple tricks, and exercises you can do to avoid committing this faux-pas. After all learning someone’s name is the first, and most basic step towards showing respect, and building meaningful relationships.

Stay focused

When it comes down to it the only way you can begin to remember names is by making it a priority, and focusing on them. If you do not make a conscious effort to Remember a name you will not be able to. Give every person your full attention, and genuinely focus on them. Make sure to look them in the eyes, commit their faces to memory, and create a connection. By focusing on them fully even if just for a few seconds you will be able to put a name to a face easier. You can do anything you really want to so if you really want to Remember a name you will be able to.

Repeat the name of the person you just met

This one tip may sound like the simplest thing, but it is also the most effective. Repeating someone’s name is also a great way to show the other party you are paying attention to them. Try to work the persons name into the conversation at least twice organically. Don’t just stop there though. One of the best things you can do to really commit a name to memeory is end a conversation with it. Really look the other person in the eyes, and tell them bye {insert name}, or it was nice talking to you {insert name}. You can also repeat the name father you step away from them to someone else, and get them to repeat it back.

Make Associations

Make association between the new persons name, and with others that you are already familiar with. Say if the new person is Dave, and so is your oldest coworkers make a mental picture of them together. See the new persons faces, and with your minds eye create a picture of them with the other person. If you are able to put the picture in an unusual location say like on the moon, or under seas. Having that mental picture that is unusual will make you have a better time of remembering their name. You can also associate the persons name with a celebrity that may either have the same name or look like them.

Ask if you can get their number

Now only do this if both parties seem like they would be interested in continuing the conversation. Asking for a number is easier now then ever. Either ask the other person to put their name and number in your phone, or ask for a buisness card. The great thing about this is you now have a physical remind you can associate with a name. Having someone give you their information will also give you the ability to be able to look them up on social media. The more things you learn about someone (it doesn’t have to be in a creepy way) the easier it is to remember vital information.

Write it down

To really seal in the information you have learned about a new person write it down as soon as you are able to. Write down the person’s name, a distinctive physical feature, and any associations you may have made about them. This can really push you from just knowing a name for now to really being able to remember it for the long run. After all repetition is one of the best ways to remember and learn anything.

Simple ways to remember names

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