You just may be a minimalist and not even know it.

Minimalism does not mean living without stuff, but the act of living intentionally. 

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Do you find yourself wanting to constantly simplify your life? You may be a minimalist.  Does The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up sound like a compelling read? Do you sometimes think you may have some OCD tendencies? How do you know when your small quirks like having one to many of the same tee-shirt makes you a minimalist? well read on because you just may be a minimalist and not even realize it.

1. Clutter

Clutter.. you don’t like it and won’t stand for it. You have a spot for everything in your home, and you get irritated if things are not in them.

2. Color

You may be a minimalist if you have a favorite color of white. You also know how best to use it. Whether it be matte or glossy, ivory or eggshell you have a preference. White walls are your favorite trick to an attractive home. Neutral colors are your natural choices for everything. You know the power of unstained wood, and black as a staple wardrobe color.

3. Waste

You dislike waste with a passion. You cannot bear to give up something before it is completely used up. Cutting up the bottom of a toothpaste tube to use up the last bits, or mixing a bit of water in with your body wash to lather up with the last drop is something you always find yourself doing. Simple things like figuring out exactly what you are paying per square inch of toilette paper excites you. After all saving on excess will help you save money as well.

4. Travel

Baggage fees… What are those? You know how to maximize the smallest space possible. Your carry on bag is your best friend, and is all you ever need. You know the power of a good multitasking product. (Who needs a blush and lipstick when they can both do the same thing..not you)

5. Shopping

Shopping is a necessary evil to you and not a fun way to spend an afternoon. You do not understand how someone can walk into a store for milk, and end up leaving two hours later with $100 in throw pillows ( yes Target we are looking at you.) You carry a list when on shopping trips stick to it, and get out with what you came for.

10 signs that you may be a minimalist

6. Clothes

A Capsule wardrobe is what you always aspire to have. You know what styles, colors, and cuts work for you and you stick with them. You know the power of a good tee-shirt, and… you sure are going to buy the same one in every neutral color available thank you very much… Comfort is the first thing you look for followed by practicality and quality. You are not afraid to invest in quality pieces that will last.

7. Money

Money is no longer a thing you are willing to sacrifice yourself for. You understand the importance of a dollar, but are not consumed by it. Saving money is your top priority and becomes easier since you no longer spend it randomly. Travel, good food, and experiences hold the most value, and you spend most of your money on them. You can identify easily what you think things are worth, and refuse to spend more then that amount on them.

8. Silence

Silence is golden. You know the value of quiet alone time, and use it to meditate. Your favorite times in the day are ones in which you can sit alone quietly, meditate, and recharge.

9. Space

Open spaces, uncluttered spaces, clean spaces are the most attractive. Cluttered spaces make you feel drained of energy, and zap you of productivity. Clean and functional is the way you like it.

10. Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind. When you rid yourself of physical, emotional, and mental clutter you can concentrate on what makes you happy. Stuff is no longer used to fuel your happiness, and having stuff doesn’t make you feel accomplished or happy. You know yourself, and your values, and live the life that you desire.

You may be a minimalist, and not even know it. What are ways you have found to minimize the unnecessary, and find the perfect balance for a happy, fulfilled, minimalist life?

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One thought on “10 Signs You May Be A Minimalist

  1. I can relate to about half of these so I guess I am a mix of minimalist and whatever is next. Very interesting insights and a great read. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

    Posted on May 17, 2017 at 2:14 am