Something happen to your children is every parents worst nightmare. INot a single person I know likes to think of it. The subject is hard to broach, but the reality is that the world is not always a safe place. Every day you hear of new kidnappings, missing children, and stories you would not wish on your worst enemy. As a result it is almost enough to make you never want to leave your house. Read on to learn about the top products to keep your children safe.

However there is hope, and you do not have to be a hermit to keep your children safe. With a little bit of preparedness, and the right products you can not only minimize the risk, but also have the information you need if anything were to happen. These products are super helpful to have around. Save yourself from stress, and get prepared.

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Top Products to keep your children safe in an unsafe world

  1. GPS Trackers– GPS wearable trackers for children have com a long way in the past few years. They can do anything from just pinpoint the wearers  location. They can be set up to tell you if they go out of a predetermined area, and alert you to suspicious activity. Some of these wearable even let your child call only pre-approved numbers, send text messages, and make video calls. Some of the best choices on the market are

AmbyGear Samrtwatch- Not only is this watch a great GPS tracker for kids, but as of right now it is also the only watch that allows kids to see their parents location as well. This watch also give your child an opportunity to gain reward points for having good behaviors such as washing their hands and brushing their teeth.  Pre-order here to save up to 50%

Pocketfinder- Pocketfinder is one of the simplest toughest and easiest to use of all GPS trackers. While it doesn’t have any bells and whistles it is great at what it does. Your first choice when GPS tracking is all you want and you need something that can be worn on a wrist in addition to being great for slipping into a pocket. Get it here Pocketfinder.

GizmoPal2-GizmoGadget- The best wearable kids phone on the largest network. GizmoPals are available through Verizon and are the best bet when you not only want to GPS locate you kids, but also want to be able to communicate with your children by phone calls or text. Gizmo has two different options the GizmoPal2 which lets your child call to 4 numbers, or the GizmoGadget which boast a touch screen, calling up to 10 numbers, and text messaging. Grab your GizmoPal2 here, or your GizmoGadget here… Buy refurbished and save.

2. Amberstick-  AmberStick is the only child ID system endorsed by Code Amber. This stick is a simple USB drive with programs that let you store vital information about you child ( as well as pets and everyone else in the family). It is the only fully portable child identification product. It makes information such a pictures, descriptions, emergency contact numbers, and medical information available to law reinforcement at a moments notice. You can pick up an  AmberStick here Gain some peace of mind because every minute counts.

Top Products to keep your children safe in an unsafe world

3.Child ID Temporary Tattoo’s- These little temporary tattoo’s can be such a life saver on days out with small children. With these tattoos you can put a contact number or place where you can be reached in case you get separated from your child. Small children often cannot remember their parents phone numbers, or may be too afraid when scared to be able to relay them correctly. These can give you reassurance that you have the means to be contacted should your child wonder off. Some of the best ID tattoo’s are.

SafetyTat- These temporary tattoos are awesome. They come in bright bold patterns and color that are hard to miss. You can either purchase these customized with your own number and contact information here, or with a fill in the blank spot here to write your contact info on the given day. These are great for their fully customization approach to ID tattoos. You can have your contact information, or medical alert information, or even a special event son them. They are the best choice if you have a child with a sever medical condition that may harm their life if not known. You can customize your tattoos here.

4. Net Nanny- The internet can be a great place for children to learn about new things, watch informational videos, get help with their homework, as well as play fun games. In addition to all that fun though  it can also be full of things your will not want them exposed to. A net nanny is an easy way to filter out bad content such as profanity adult content and online chat features. They can also help you monitor your child’s online usage. They can  alert you to any age appropriate risk. There are many  devices and online services that let you monitor your child activity. Check out, Circle with Disney, and Norton Family Security Premium for some of the best parental control software available.

 Let me know if you have any other product recommendations to keep children safe. After all it take a village to raise a child.

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2 thoughts on “Top Products to Keep Your Children Safe in an Unsafe World

  1. Thank you for these ideas. I think the number one preventer for me, as a parent, is educating my children. I try to make sure that I take the time to have conversations with them about safety and self-protection. Some parents choose to shelter their children about the violence happening in the world and I do shelter to the point of not allowing my children to wander the streets, but I don’t when it comes to relevant and realistic information. My 13 year-old knows all about sex trafficking, where to take a man down if he approaches her inappropriately, how to look for predators online and what to do, and always to keep me in the loop with arrival and departure times if she’s away from home. Thank you for these ideas. The world is definitely changing. Gone are the days of coming home when the street lights turn on, right? 🙂

    Posted on April 24, 2017 at 6:26 pm
    1. Kelly you are so right. There are many ways parents can have realistic, and informative conversations with their kids about dangers they may face in this world. After all knowledge is power.

      Posted on April 24, 2017 at 8:39 pm