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Have you ever watched something that made you so hopeful you cant contain it?

Something that fills your heart and makes you just want to get up and accomplish something?

I may be a couple years behind, but for me the finale of Parks and Recreation just did that. The whole show is so upbeat and positive and yet it took till the end ( after a couple of weeks of binge watching ” Thank you Hulu” ) to really understand the message. I just wanted to get up and write and get going on this blog post and many others to come. Yes this is good for me and let’s me be creative and have an outlet to share my strengths, weaknesses, hopes, and dreams. Yet it is also a place where I can help to make someone else’s world a little bit better.


Whether you came for advice, just to pass time, or are looking for something to connect to I hope you find it here. If this day “felt like a hundred years in hell, and the absolute worst” of your life you are welcome here. If you are having an amazing time in life and would like advice on how to maximize yourself and get tips on fabulous simple living you are welcome here. If you are having a rocking day and you need the world to hear about it please tell me.

parks and recreation, leslie knope

I hope I can make this a place for everyone whether you are a Ron, Tom, Ben, Donna, Andy, April, Leslie, or even a Gerry. This world is meant to be made better everyday one person at a time. I am ready to make my world a better place and hope you continue to join me in this journey.


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