I love nothing more then seeing my kids faces light up when they see their baskets of goodies on Easter morning. With that though comes the realization that they are going to want to eat all the sugary goodness they see ( normally as soon as possible).

Who says that Easter baskets have to be all candy though? I know that I am going to find as many non-candy gifts as I can to stuff their baskets with. I hope that this helps to give other ideas that will last your child long past their Easter egg hunt. This list will be a great resource to come back to time and time again.

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A great list of items to give your kids on Easter Sunday. Non-candy items are the best!!

  1. Action Figures
  2. Basket Ball
  3. Bedroom Decorations
  4. Bible
  5. Board Games
  6. Body Wash
  7. Bouncy Balls
  8. Bracelets
  9. Bubbles (Bubble wands, bubble blowers)
  10. Charging Cables
  11. Coloring Books
  12. Costume Jewelry
  13. Crayons
  14. Crazy Straws
  15. Crossword Puzzle Books
  16. Device Cases ( Phone, tablet, handheld gaming system)
  17. Dress-up Clothes
  18. Flashlights (animal shaped ones are fun)
  19. football
  20. fun cups ( character cup, snackeez)
  21. fun socks
  22. grow sponge animals
  23. Hair bows
  24. Headphones
  25. ITunes gift cards
  26. Lego mini figures
  27. Lip gloss
  28. Mad Libs ( Easter Extravaganza)
  29. Markers
  30. Money ( $2 bills, $1 coins)
  31. Movies (DVD’s, digital file downloads)
  32. Movie theater gift certificate
  33. Paint and paint brushes
  34. Pajama pants
  35. Picture albums
  36. Picture books
  37. Play date IOU’s
  38. Play-doh
  39. Play makeup
  40. Puzzles
  41. Slap bracelets
  42. Small craft kits
  43. Stickers
  44. Stuffed animals ( bunnies, chicks)
  45. Surprise box figures
  46. Toothbrush
  47. Toy cars
  48. Video Games
  49. Water guns
  50. Yo-yo’s


If you have any other ideas for awesome non-candy Easter basket ideas let us know in the comments below. I would love to know what you plan on stuffing your children’s baskets with this year.

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