One thing I want to have on my blog are different series.


I am thinking a Frugal Friday where I post my frugal accomplishments for the week, as well as giving you a space to share yours.

I would like to produce a Shop Smart Sunday where I can share new deals for the week based on weekly circulars. This is the day to find couponing tips, coupon match-ups, the best finds of the, and I want to get a weekly post going where my awesome readers can be spotlighted for their money saving shopping trips.

I have a feeling a crafty day will be fun. Maybe a Craftacular Tuesday?

I have a feeling my favorite day is going to be Take the Stress Out Thursdays though. Thursdays are the day to post list of life hacks. Each week I hope to spotlight one particular area to share lifehacks. I cant wait to show you have to distress tiny things in your life and make them easier.


If you have any other ideas for me please let me know. After all I am here to help you!!


Without further ado I would like to share my life hacks for Take The Stress Out Thursdays.

Week 1 I am tackling the one thing in my house that never seems to get done…. The laundry pile. I don’t know about anyone else but nothing is worse then an overflowing pile of dirty clothes. I hate know that I not only have to wash the items, but also dry them, fold them, then put them away. The task will more often then not feel daunting, and that is when you end up living out of a laundry basket for weeks. I may have been know to let that happen in my own house from time to time ( but shhhh its our little secret).









Let me know if you have any sanity saving Laundry hacks.




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