Hi my name is Jennifer and I am happy to welcome you to my little corner of the internet. I have always been fascinated by how people can work for themselves and make money online writing about what they love. Ok not just fascinated but envious to. Here I am killing myself working outside of the home every day in a job I hate, and I do not want to do it anymore.

Well enough is enough with just being an onlooker I am going to start writing about my own passions. I am excited to bring you ANDTHENISAVED a blog about saving money, building a profitable blog, and about my journey to work and live for myself. I hope along the way I am also able to help others do the same and inspire them to take their own journeys towards financial freedom.

Please feel free to comment on my blog (everything will be personally seen by me, and no comment left to the side.) Let me know what you would like to learn about saving money, starting a blog, minimalist advice. I want to not only do this for me but for you as well.

Also if you cannot tell I am not currently the best writer, but everyone has to start somewhere and I know it will get better, and maybe I will get less scared of putting myself out there.

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